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Stylish area rugs are valuable protectors of your beautiful hard surface floors underneath by cushioning foot traffic, lessening impact, helping catch abrasive particles, and offering a line of defense against spills. Area rugs can also instantly add visual interest, softness, texture, color, and pattern, enhance any design aesthetic, and offer an incredibly easy way to help refresh your favorite rooms.
You do not need carpet pad to use an area rug like you do when installing wall-to-wall carpeting. However, you can cut carpet pad to fit any rug size, which will help absorb foot traffic and protect against wear of the area rug pile. Carpet pad will also add comfort, durability, and sound insulation, as well as help preserve the appearance of your rug.
It's extremely important to remove loose dirt and dust from the surface of your rugs to prevent abrasion and damage to the finish, as well as restore a bright appearance. Vacuum weekly and avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to prevent scratches on delicate rugs. Check your rug manufacturer's recommendations before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. If your rug does not allow you to vacuum, take your rug outdoors regularly and shake loose any dirt and dust.
Since many high-quality area rugs are an investment, it's recommended to have them professionally cleaned on a 12-month, 16-month, or 24-month cleaning schedule. Professional cleaning is recommended if you cannot remove a stain from your rug, if you notice an odor coming from your rug, or if your family suffers from allergies beyond spring season.
It is extremely important to ensure that the backing of your area rug is suitable for the flooring type in your home! Synthetic rubber or latex backing can cause biochemical reactions, discoloration, or dulling of hardwood flooring finishes. Area rugs with rubber backing can stain luxury vinyl floors and react chemically with laminate floors. Consult with one of our professionals to match the perfect area rug backing with your current floors.
Although you cannot use all area rug materials in rooms that experience moisture, some area rugs are made specifically for bathrooms and kitchens. Choose an appropriate non-slip area rug that offers superior absorbency and a quick-drying construction to prevent the growth of mildew, mold, or odor-causing bacteria.
A runner is an elongated rectangular area rug that is uniquely shaped and designed to serve high-traffic hallways. Runners will help cushion foot traffic, insulate sound, and lend color, softness, balance, and proportion to these spaces. Once you take measurements of your hallway, you can size your new runner to fit the dimensions perfectly.
When placing an area rug under a coffee table, you can choose to either put all legs under the table or just the front legs. Make sure to put felt pads under any coffee table legs that aren't on the rug to ensure an even table height. When placing an area rug under a dining room table, you need to purchase an area rug that's large enough to fit all legs of the dining table and to cover chairs pushed back from the table. Match the shape of your rug to the shape of the table and add an extra 36 inches to the table dimensions to ensure enough coverage.
Area rug costs will be determined by the material, construction, and size of the rug. The larger the rug size, the higher the quality of materials, and the more intricacy of the construction, the more expensive the rug will cost. Thankfully, there is an area rug to fit any budget for every trending aesthetic!
At Custom Carpet Centers in the greater Buffalo, NY area, we've got all of the answers to your area rug questions! For more information on our area rug offerings, we invite you to browse our selection today.
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